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        The National sports fest of BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus is a wonderful brew of dazzling talent, burning passion with a hint of ruthlessness. Since its inception in 2013, Arena has been growing larger and more intense with the passing years. From 26th to 29th January, teams will play their heart out on the field, as ARENA promises 4 days of non-stop action and adrenaline, culminating in glory only for the worthy! Come, show your worth in a battle of skill and desire. Join us as we celebrate sporting culture in all its glory, opponents on the field, but united in the love of the game. Bring your A-game, because we promise you, the home team will. Once you are on the field, it is he who wants it the most who will succeed. It is the grit and the passion that will get you that extra inch, that inch you need to succeed. It is your skill that will instil fear and respect for you in your opponent’s heart. Once you are on the field, nothing else matters. This, is where legends are born.

Dhairya Patel


Juhi Sharma


Kapil Bishnoi


Ravi Kumanduri


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